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Time splitting box

1. In many processing applications, multiple processing stations are needed. Each station requires a laser and a laser output head. Due to the high price of lasers, this product can divide a laser into two or multiple lasers. When the light is emitted at different times, one laser can meet the requirements of multi-station processing applications.

2. High-reliability design, using imported motor, every splitting action will output feedback signal,

3. Simple control. Use 12V power supply, 5V-24V switch signal control is enough

Clear aperture Max:22mm
Center height 43mm
Supply voltage DC12-2A
Control port input voltage DC5V-24V input impedance 10K (Note: NPN is active at low level
Feedback port output voltage DC0V IMAX=500ma
Feedback port type PNP /NPN (1.5VER)
Switching time Response in place: 40MS Stability delay: 150ms
Working temperature 3-55℃
Maximum laser carrying power D22 light aperture max Lp=3.5-4KW
Reflective film type 45 degrees HR 1064-1070 max99.6% HR650nm 80%
Mirror specifications 40*30*4 JGS1 Fused Silica
Limit type and feedback output Mechanical fixed angle Photoelectric output min Tpos=20-10
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