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Energy transmission fiber

1. In the welding applications of solid-state lasers, using the excellent light guiding characteristics of the optical fiber, the laser is coupled into the energy optical fiber to achieve long-distance flexible transmission. The laser can be transmitted to the welding head through the optical fiber to realize handheld welding, and it is easier to realize complex machinery due to its lightness. Motion automation welding application.

2. In the application of fiber laser, because the fiber core diameter of fiber laser is too small, it is not suitable for welding applications of thin plates (it is easy to perforate thin plates). Using the characteristics of FSI fiber step transmission, the Gaussian laser beam of the fiber laser is coupled into the welding beam energy into a Gaussian distribution, most of the amount is concentrated in the center of the beam, such a beam is suitable for cutting FSI energy transmission fiber, obtained at the output end A flat-top beam with uniform energy, flat-top beam is more suitable for thin plate welding, cladding, quenching, heating, etc. With the use of the time or energy splitting box produced by Huizhiguang Company, it can realize multiple laser output. One laser can realize multi-station processing, which doubles the production efficiency.

Interface type D80 gem type
Transmission type SI step type/GI gradient type
Numerical aperture NA 0.22
Armor cable 8mm hardened over plastic
Operating temperature
-65 degrees -105 degrees (Celsius)
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